Hostile behavior can be predicted.



Attack tree-based threat

Attack tree analysis has long been used in critical aerospace, intelligence and defense applications. But the attack tree approach was not well know outside of these areas. Some organizations attempted attack tree analysis using conventional drawing tools, only to discover they are ill suited to the purpose.

Amenaza's SecurITree® modeling software was purpose built for the task. Capable of analyzing hundreds of thousands (or millions) of attack scenarios, SecurITree's powerful analytic capabilities make analysis practical. Its ability to gauge the effect of countermeasures before implementation is game changing.


Victim or Victor

To Act or to be Acted Upon?

  • Predictive Security Posture Management (PSPM) gives you the choice.
  • Which will you choose?

When Security Really Matters

Amenaza's PSPM modeling technology is used by leaders in:

Amenaza's SecurITree software is used extensively by aerospace manufacturers for the analysis of avionics security (anti-tamper protection) as well as ground-based IT support systems. SecurITree was used to provide information assurance on the avionics of a major fighter jet project. Six of the top ten U.S aerospace-defense companies use SecurITree. It is also used by foreign allies.
Embedded and IoT Devices
Amenaza's SecurITree software has been used to analyze the security and tamper resistance of a diverse set of embedded technologies. These range from satellite TV decoders to point of sale terminal devices. A major reference work on IoT Security (Practical Internet of Things Security, by Drew Van Duren and Brian Russell) features screen shots from SecurITree in its chapter on attack tree threat modeling.
Medical Devices
Few other fields require as stringent safety and security measures as that of medical devices. Two of the world's largest medical device manufacturers use Amenaza's SecurITree software models to assess and secure their products. This includes laboratory / patient care equipment as well as devices implanted in patients (such as pacemakers).
Operational Technology
Control system operators in diverse fields use Amenaza's SecurITree software models to analyze and secure their systems. As IT and OT continue to converge, SecurITree's holistic view allows both types of systems to be reviewed in a single model.
Infrastructure / Nuclear Power
Amenaza's SecurITree software models attacks against pipelines, power grids and other critical infrastructure. One industry body created extensive models of attacks against the bulk power system. SecurITree is especially well suited for assuring that critical nuclear power security requirements are met. The NRC Regulatory Guide 5.71 specifically mentions the importance of attack tree analysis for nuclear power.
Auto Manufacturing
As automobiles become more intelligent and under computer control the need for security becomes paramount. Amenaza's SecurITree is used for security assurance of automobile control-by-wire systems, and for development of next generation autonomous vehicles.
Information Technology
Amenaza's SecurITree was initially designed for the security analysis of corporate IT systems. A library of pre-built attack trees related to popular information technologies is available.
Amenaza's SecurITree project has been used for the analysis of rail security. Industry groups have created models to help understand how to better protect critical transportation systems.



SecurITree continues to be the best
available tool for security risk
assessments on our military programs.

- Fortune 100 aerospace customer



SecurITree screen shots



Praemonitus, Praemunitus


An ancient Latin proverb counseled that forewarned is forearmed.

The behavior of adversaries can be predicted. Such knowledge enables defenders to prevent attacks from ever happening.

Amenaza's attack tree-based SecurITree threat modeling software makes this possible and practical.


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