How to Buy

SecurITree can be purchased directly from Amenaza Technologies Limited. Please contact or 1-888-949-9797 toll free (+01 403 263 7737 International).

Amenaza Technologies has teamed with companies with specialized expertise knowledge in specific fields (e.g., nuclear power security, anti-tamper analysis). In addition to their subject matter knowledge, these organizations have been trained in the use of SecurITree. Amenaza Technologies would be pleased to put you in contact with a value added reseller (VAR) who can assist you with your specific requirements.

There are a variety of options for licensing SecurITree ranging from three month Full Function consultant licenses ($3,750 USD) to large, Enterprise class licenses ($84,000 USD). A single-seat SecurITree license costs $10,500 (plus $4,500 USD if the Information Technology Library is required). Educational licenses are available for qualified customers at discounted prices. Versions with limited functionality appropriate to specific tasks are also available. Please contact Amenaza Technologies Limited ( 1-888-949-9797 toll free, +01 403 263 7737, for help selecting the license most appropriate for your requirements and for detailed pricing information.

Amenaza Technologies accepts payment via purchase order/check, credit card (Mastercard/Visa) and wire transfer.


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DUNS # 200591043

General Services Administration


Numerous different options exist for licensing SecurITree. For complete licensing and pricing information, please contact Amenaza Technologies Limited directly (1-888-949-9797 toll free, +01 403 263 7737 International). A partial listing of the licensing options, including part numbers, is shown below. Node-locked licenses are installed on, and associated with a particular PC workstation. Node-locked licenses are often used with laptops or other systems that may not have network connectivity. Floating licenses are concurrent usage and are managed by a network license manager at the customer's site. The license manager communicates with the SecurITree equipped PCs via the corporate network and assigns licenses from a pool.

For customers not requiring the full functionality of SecurITree, specialized versions exist with subsets of functionality

For attack tree models of systems that include commercial and off-the-shelf information technology components, Amenaza recommends the Information Technology Library. The IT Library is used in conjunction with Enterprise, Departmental, Full Function and Creator licenses. Several different licenses (with different part numbers) exist that correspond to the Enterprise, Departmental, Full Function and Creator versions.

All of the above products include one year of technical support and no charge updates. Yearly support agreements are available and recommended after the initial support period expires. Educational licenses are available for qualified educational institutions. A variety of time limited, expiring licenses are available. For instance