Frequently Asked Questions

End User License Agreement

Amenaza Technologies Limited SecurITree End User License Agreement (EULA)

How can I verify the integrity of the software I just downloaded from Amenaza?
You can verify the integrity of the SecurITree evaluation software by clicking on the appropriate link:
  • If you downloaded the evaluation version of SecurITree, please click here.
  • If you purchased the full version of SecurITree, but did not purchase the IT libraries, please click here.
  • If you purchased the full version of SecurITree, including the IT libraries, please click here.
How much does SecurITree cost?

Please contact Amenaza (1-888-949-9797 or +01 403-263-7737) for specific pricing information. There are a wide variety of licensing options for SecurITree. Non-expiring licenses include one year of technical support and a year's subscription to software updates. Additional annual maintenance subscriptions are available for 20% of the product's current price. We also sell a "consulting license". This gives a consulting organization the right to use SecurITree for up to three months at a particular, named client's site. At the end of the three months if they sell a copy of SecurITree to the client, we will refund their consulting license fee.

Some of the license options are shown here. Please contact Amenaza for further details.

Which components are included in the IT Library?

Currently the major technologies included in the Information Technology Library of attack trees are:

Active Directory, Apache, Cisco IOS, DB2, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Internet Information Server (IIS), Linux, MSN Messenger, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Windows 7.

Minor technologies represented include:

802.11, Bluetooth, Buffer Overflow, Crack Password, DDOS, IPSec, Kerberos, LiveID, Malware, NT Challenge Response, Obtain Password, Social Engineering, TCP/IP, TLS, WEP, WPA, WPA2

Our list is being updated continually. Please contact support for the most up-to-date listing. If you are looking for a particular tree, please let us know so that we can add it to our list for future development.

Do annual maintenance subscribers get free updates?

Yes. New software and/or IT Library updates are sent out periodically to customers with support contracts. In addition to this, subscribers receive technical support.

Why am I getting Out of Memory messages when Task Manager says lots of memory is available?

A memory error can occur while working on very large attack trees in SecurITree or while performing memory intensive analytic operations. SecurITree is a Java-based application that executes within the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). By default, the JRE limits the amount of a PC's memory available to Java applications. This limit can be easily increased. As a general rule, the limit should be somewhat less than the amount of physical memory in the computer.

To increase the amount of memory available to SecurITree on a Windows PC:

  • Locate the file SecurITree.ini located in the directory where SecurITree was installed (typically C:\Program Files\Amenaza\SecurITree).
  • Make a backup copy of this file.
  • Edit SecurITree.ini
    • Find the parameter Virtual Machine Parameters=-Xms256 -Xmx1024m (these values may be different than shown here)
    • Increase the -Xmx value to the desired value, e.g., -Xmx1536m (for 1536 MB) or -Xmx1G (for 1 GB)
    • Do not exceed the amount of memory available on your computer or SecurITree will not execute.

Please call Amenaza Support for further assistance.